The A.A.S.A. is a great organization for anyone interested in shooting. Membership opens up many different avenues into various forms of shooting sports. The fun shoots are definitely great fun, but are also an excellent way to become a more proficient shooter. The fun shoots are a fantastic way to meet other people involved in shooting sports as well as an exciting family event. I would encourage everyone to attend as many as possible. I know I do.
Ryan Dokich
I have just had the time to sit down and write a testimonial for your website. My first match was buckets of fun. As a reminder, I was the new shooter that Javier Ramos invited out. 
"I have a bit of experience organizing events with people from all walks of life in attendance. It's easy to recognize a well run event. Have you ever been to an event in which the fear of something new is humbling and uncomfortable? If so, then the organizer isn't doing his or her job. I was invited by a co-worker to one of Ted's matches as my introduction to competitive shooting, I had always been intrigued by the sport, but at the same time, felt intimidated. Thanks to Ted, I had an amazing experience at my first match. The members of the squad I was placed on were genuine individuals who shared a common love of firearms and exhibited the ability to safely operate them. If you are looking to experience challenging scenarios to hone your firearm handling skills, this is a perfect environment to do just that. I'll be back again and again. Thank you Ted for making this sport so approachable and exhilarating at the same time!" - James Vaello

I truly enjoyed my first match with you Ted. Please keep it up!


Professional and challenging courses. Friendly people. Great fun for all ages. I look forward to the next one.
Doug A.
I wanted to thank you for re-introducing me to target shooting through AASA. I was a competitive rifle shooter, small bore and high power, starting in 1959. In 1964 I won the Ohio Junior High Power Rifle Championship and went to the National Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio as a member of the State of Ohio Rifle Team. But I had not done any competitive shooting in the past 30+ years nor any shooting in over ten years until you encouraged our CHL class to, "Come out to an AASA match for some fun shooting." I did just that and because of it have renewed my interest and enthusiasm for shooting. The first AASA match I attended last November I shot my old S&W Model 59 9mm. I met two fellow "newbies" at that match and we became friends. I told my wife about it and she shot a pistol for the first time in December. She loved it and started practicing with me. She really likes to knock down the steel targets on the AASA members-only bays at the Bullet Hole Range. My Model 59 didn't seem competitive enough to me so I bought a Para Limited in .40 S&W. My wife wanted something more than her .22 so she bought a Kimber Stainless II in .40 S&W. I had to start reloading again but my single stage pres was too slow so I bought a Dillon 650. And being in the Super Senior class, I knew my eyesight wasn't so great and became convinced an Open gun with an optical sight would help. The Para was traded for an STI Open gun and it has helped. Of course, I had to get more reloading equipment, components, etc. We have been helping the economy ever since that first AASA match and enjoying ourselves mightily. So Thank You for your help, encouragement, enthusiasm, and expertise. And for getting me back into shooting for some powder therapy!
Tom Orashan
AASA has a format that is far more "new shooter friendly" than any other shooting organization around. With Ted Bonnet's strong family values, every match has a friendly family oriented feel without all of the bravado that keeps new shooters from becoming avid shooters. After one individual training session with Ted Bonnet, I can honestly say that my shooting technique has surpassed all of my peers. His simple, logical shooting methods may not have the words "high speed, low drag" in the titles, but simply work safely to bring any shooter to a new level. The most pleasing aspect of Ted's shooting technique was that safety was the most important factor. Ted Bonnet's warm teaching style and attitude create a great environment to learn and enjoy the shooting sports.
Brett Long
Ted Bonnet has worked long and hard to promote the shooting sports for the last 15 years. He was having .22 caliber rifle and pistol matches at the indoor range back in 1989. I met several members of his church that Ted had invited. They had never shot a firearm before. Ted was very patient in showing them the basic fundamentals. In the early to middle 90's Ted was having matches at Blackhawk Shooting Range. He would invite several TV stations to come out and shoot. They would learn that target shooting is a legitimate sport and gun owners are not blood thirsty savages. From '96 through the 1st half of '01 he was one of the biggest helpers and promoters of the Lackland Pin Shooters monthly bowling pin match. I am an eyewitness to this since I was 1 of the 5 that set up and ran the entire match every month.
David Braun
My husband & I have attended handgun renewal classes with Ted Bonnet. He is such a knowledgeable instructor and professional handgun trainer that we were very impressed. Thank you Ted for sharing the wonderful knowledge you have to offer, you go above and beyond. We definitely advanced our knowledge and proficiency with firearms.
Terri Leone
I've known Ted Bonnet for 15 years. He is a man of exceptional character and vision, and a determined political activist for gun and water rights, and individual freedom in general. His dedication to advancing the shooting sports is well recognized in South Central Texas. Whatever support you can provide him toward his goal of attracting more people into the shooting sports would be money well spent.
Ben LaRosa 
I have taken both concealed carry renewal classes from Ted as well as shooting proficiency classes. His professionalism in teaching, positive attitude, and practical methods makes both experiences a pleasure. I really look forward to my AASA weekends. Thanks, Ted.
Tom Tuttle
I'm currently serving in the military and have been for the past 23 years. I have been trained in 9 different types of weapons and sent to the best shooting schools in America for my duties in Special Operations. I have competed in IPSC, IDPA, Excellence in Competition matches and most recently AASA's Winchester Challenge. By far the most enjoyment I have experienced thus far has been with AASA. For the first time my entire family has desired to join me in the shooting. My wife who has never handled a weapon in her life now shoots occasionally. My two daughters are competitive and my oldest with more instruction can be ranked nationally. I believe the draw to this kind of shooting are the people, the fun and great instruction/advice from the best shooter around. I have even stepped up a level and decided to be range official and I promote the sport whole heartedly. The only unfortunate thing to say about AASA is that I can get more people to come shoot an AASA club match than I can go to church...and they stick around longer, ha ha.
Ron Isham
Although I've had only a couple of classes with Mr. Bonnet thus far, he has shown a lot of professionalism and courtesy in his teaching methods. His manner of teaching always emphasizes safety, safety, safety. I can honestly inform you that within my short timeframe of learning, I have been taught a lot. And boy, can he shoot!!!!
Salvador A. DeLaRosa III
I wanted to thank you for everything you do for AASA and the shooting sport in general. You have helped me advance from not shooting a gun in 40+ years to being comfortable at shooting matches. While I will never be at the level you are I'm having a great time. I really appreciate all the help you have given me on my shooting path.
Bob Boyd
I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the time and effort Ted puts into his training and the monthly IDPA and AASA matches. I have had several firearms courses both in the military and from civilian instructors; Ted's instruction has been the best. Safety above all else is the first concern. His enthusiasm for the shooting sports is contagious. Ted's matches are professional, safe and great fun. Until I met Ted I had no idea that people shot handguns for fun in a competitive setting. I now look forward to the monthly matches not only for the fun of shooting, but to enjoy the fellowship and camaraderie of other shooting enthusiasts.
Steve Elliott
I have shot several pistol matches with Ted. These include shooting bowling pins, IDPA and steel shooting matches. He has always been a great help to me and others. I first met Ted in the spring of 1996 shooting bowling pins at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, Texas. It was my first time shooting pins; I was teamed up in the same squad as Ted. He introduced himself as Ted Bonnet and gave me some tips as to where was the best place on the pin to target and hit. With out knowing his credentials at the time, I just thought he was another nice shooter. After a couple times of shooting pins I learned of his credentials, I thanked him for being so helpful to me. I have been shooting ever since and have improved I know that if it had not been for people like Ted Bonnet I would have given up the sport of shooting. Thanks Ted!
Tom Gonzales 
I have taken several courses from Ted's and they have helped me tremendously. I shoot as many as four to six matches per month in San Antonio and surrounding areas. Of all those matches whether IPSC, IDPA, Steel or whatever- I enjoy Ted matches the most. Not only is he the best Match Director of the bunch and we have many but he is very helpful to top shooters as well as novice shooters. He is very dedicated to improving everyone's shooting ability and since he's one the top shooters in the world he certainly knows what he is talking about.
Pedro Balawag
Thanks, Ted, for all your efforts (Marissa's, too!) in putting together this great event. The stages were well-designed and organized, and you met your goal to get the first round downrange by 8:00 a.m.! Sorry that Matt and I could not stay for the Man-on-Man events (we conducted them last year and really enjoyed it; maybe we can shoot it again next year). We just haven't had the same amount of time to devote to the sport lately (and, unfortunately, our performance reflects that...). Anyway, again, thanks for putting on another impressive "Nationals" competition. I enjoy our association.
Thank you guys so much for the great time at the nationals. This was my first shooting event ever and it was one of the most fun weekends I have had in a long time. At the event i learned the R.O. duties and how to time the shooters and keep score. Everyone there showed great sportmanship and the event was very friendly even for complete newbies like myself. At the event I also won a new CZ 75B pistol which was the absolute highlight of the day for me especially because the only pistol I had to use for the event was a borrowed Smith & Wesson model 5906 from my dad. At the end of the event, prizes were handed out from large number of sponsors of the event. Anyone considering getting into this sport only needs to come out and have a great time. I can't wait for the next event!!
Dale Kahil
I just wanted to let everyone know what a great help Ted Bonnet and AASA has been to my shooting fun. My wife and I met Ted for a CHL renewal and after the certification he asked if we would like to stay a while for some tips on better shooting. Some people left and I said to my wife that I wasn't going anywhere if a World Champion shooter was willing to spend some time with me. Well, that's how it all got started. My wife and I started shooting some IDPA matches with Ted and we both enjoyed shooting together and advancing our skills at the same time.

Ted decided to start the AASA organization and promote steel shooting and man on man competitions. It was all a bit intimidating and different at first but Ted loves teach, make everyone feel welcome while helping others build their skills. The steel matches have really helped with developing accurate shooting skills.

Since Ted got me into competitive shooting, I have advanced to Master class shooter in the IDPA organization and to Master class in the USPSA shooting sports. I have traveled to many competitions and met a lot of good people along the way. I can tell you that Ted is one of the best all. I recommend that anyone wishing to have fun in the shooting sports and develop their skills, go to Ted's matches and arrange for training with him as well. Ted is a world class shooter that will instruct you with professionalism and you will have fun as well.
Gregg Kratochvil
I had a great time at the Bullet Hole range today. It is great to be able to travel 1000K miles and meet people that make you feel like you are at home. Being a first time shooter at an AASA match, I found the format to be fun and challenging with a good amount of variety. I especially like that you integrate strong and weak hand shooting. This is something that you do not see a whole lot of anymore and its a great way to become a well rounded shooter. Thanks again for all your hospitality and let me know if you are ever in the Denver area.
Nick Brazzale
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