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Why Join AASA? In answer to this question, there are many different facets involved in each type of AASA shooting, whether for time only scoring or man-on-man shoot-offs. Here then, are just a few of the many reasons to join and participate in the American Action Shooting Association.

  • Support an organization historically proven and dedicated to the introduction, education and training of new individuals to the shooting sports.
  • Support an organization that recognizes other shooting organizations, divisions and classes, calibers, and firearms.
  • Start an AASA Club in your area to generate more new shooters to participate in a fun, family oriented shooting sport.
  • "It is organized plinking and loads of fun".
  • Support a shooting sport with a format that is neither offensive nor defensive. Shooting is more socially acceptable and media friendly.
  • Support a shooting sport that is family oriented and fun for all ages, sizes, handicapped, male or female with divisions for each.
  • It is a format that is easy to understand the courses and simple to conduct.
  • The AASA falling steel format is much more spectator friendly, easy to score and provides shooters with "instant gratification" of fast and accurate runs.
  • It is a completely different style of shooting that demands precision, discipline, accuracy, mental toughness and control.
  • AASA shootoffs format involves principles of "iron sharpening iron" and can bring out the competitive best in a shooter.
  • Gives a person an opportunity to exercise their right to keep and bear arms and support their rights to participate in shooting sports with all types of firearms.
  • Support AASA mission and goals to: Promote safe, family shooting fun and the responsible use and handling of firearms. To acquire and establish properties for shooting ranges with permanent steel and other target systems for use by AASA members. Provide remote and improved camping, condominium and recreational facilities for shooters and their families as a base to enjoy surrounding vacation sites and attractions.


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